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本文摘要:17 A New Farming Way新的耕作方式 1 Tuan was a farmer in Vietnam. 2 For decades, he had been struggling to rid his family of hunger. 3 However, it always confused him how to expand the output of his crops. 4 This disturbing problem led to his reg


17 A New Farming Way新的耕作方式 1 Tuan was a farmer in Vietnam. 2 For decades, he had been struggling to rid his family of hunger. 3 However, it always confused him how to expand the output of his crops. 4 This disturbing problem led to his regretting being a farmer. 5 He would rather have chosen another job. 6 One day, when skimming through a newspaper, Tuan read a comment on Yuan Longpin. 7 He underlined Yuan’s nationality and occupation, and then focused on his discovery and the statistics of his research. 8 He found the knowledge Yuan circulated very practical. 9 Therefore, he made a summary and began to build up a new farming method. 10 He planted super grain of rich nutrition and equipped himself to keep his crops roots free from bacteria and pests. 11 He also enriched minerals in the soil while reducing chemical fertilizers. 12 Though it cost him more time and freedom, he was full of hope. 13 The next year, Tuan was sunburnt but satisfied with his production very much. 14 Thanks to Yuan Longpin, he not only won the battle against hunger, but he could also export his crops abroad. 俊是一名越南的农民,几十年来,他都一直在努力使家人挣脱饥饿。然而,如何扩大他的农作物产量这一问题却一直在困扰着他。这个恼人的问题导致了他忏悔当一名农民,而宁愿自己当初选择其它的事情。一天,俊在浏览报纸的时候,读到一篇关于袁隆平的评论。



18 Chaplin-A Great Master of Humour诙谐大师卓别林 1 Chaplin was an extraordinary performer who starred in and directed many outstanding comedies. 2 Few were bored watching his moustache, his gestures or his entertaining reactions when chased by detectives. 3 Being drunk, sliding on a banana skin or whispering his own failures to nobody, he made us feel more content with our life without any verbal explanation. 4 His particular sense of humor has astonished everybody throughout the world up to now. 5 In a small budget film, he played a badly-off and homeless person wearing worn-out shoes and messy clothes. 6 On one occasion, he was trapped by a snowstorm in a vast mountainous area. 7 Though he overcame many difficulties, he wasn’t fortunate enough. 8 With all the porridge eaten up, he picked out a shoe and boiled it to eat. 9 He cut off the leather bottom and chewed it like a pancake. 10 According to an actress, his acting was so convincing and amusing that everybody couldn’t help bursting into laughter.卓别林是一名特殊的演员,他主演并导演了多部良好的喜剧。瞥见他可笑的小胡子、滑稽的手势行动,另有面临警探的追捕时有趣的反映,很少有人会以为厌烦。



他切下皮革的鞋底,像烙饼一样地品味起来。据一名女演员所说,他的演出是如此地令人信服而又逗人发笑的,以致在场的所有人都忍不住大笑起来。19 A Misunderstanding一场误会 1 In general, spoken statements are the major way of communication, but body language and facial expressions also have such kinds of function. 2 For example, yawning means being not interested and turning one’s back to someone or swinging your fist shows your anger. 3 But what those gestures really mean is subjective in different cultures. 4 Thus, misunderstandings happen now and then in today’s world of cultural crossroads. 5 Once, representing the Adults’ Education Association, I went to the airport to meet an official of high rank from Columbia and take him to his dormitory and then to the canteen. 6 After the flight arrived, I saw a man looking around curiously. 7 So I approached to greet him. 8 He suddenly dashed to hug me and kissed me on both cheeks. 9 As a young girl, I felt truly embarrassed and put up my hands to defend myself. 10 His false smile told me that he had lost face. 11 Later, I received a cassette from him, in which he recorded his apology. 12 On hearing that Columbians were more likely to kiss others, I soon felt at ease. 通常说来,口头表达是人们交流的主要方法,可是肢体语言和面部心情也有这种功效。





当听到这只是因为哥伦比亚人更倾向于晤面时相互亲吻时,我很快就感应轻松放心了。20 A Unique Theme Park唯一无二的主题公园 1 As soon as our shuttle got close to the theme park by the freeway, everyone came to life and put on cloth sneakers in advance for an outing. 2 Our translator paid for the admission, and we started enjoying the various attractions in the sunlight. 3 According to the travel brochure, this unique park is famous for its well preserved minority culture. 4 We experienced many deeds of the early settlers, such as swinging across rivers, hunting creatures in the jungle, or taking part in swords fighting tournaments. 5 This park is also famous for its wooden souvenirs. 6 Whichever we bought in the central shop was made of wood, and wherever we went we could see minority carpenters working. 7 They made wooden tools, wooden cartoon figures, wooden athletic products and so on. 8 They even built a huge wooden engine with a length of 20 metres, which was modeled after a real one. 9 This theme park is really a fantasy amusement park. 10 No wonder it has become the brand of local tourism. 我们走高速公路的来往穿梭巴士一靠近主题公园,大家都活跃了起来,而且提前穿上了布鞋,做好这趟外出旅游的准备。



这个主题公园真是个充满理想的娱乐公园,怪不得它成为当地旅游业的一个品牌。21 A Strange Disease奇怪的疾病 1 When the construction of the firework factory came to the stage of painting, a pump was put in. 2 Then, all the painters in the neighbourhood were defeated by a severe disease whose characteristic was alike to that of a bad burn. 3 An expert physician was instructed to attend to the victims and handle this case. 4 He was enthusiastic, but he didn’t foresee that it was a hard challenge. 5 After simple enquiry, he announced that the polluted paint was to blame. 6 But without positive evidence, people suspected and rejected his view, saying the theory he put forward made no sense. 7 Being much more strict with himself, he contributed himself to the case. 8 Apart from making enquiries, he made detailed charts and analysed the data cautiously. 9 Finally, he drew a scientific conclusion, linking the disease to the radium in the pump. 10Exposed to radium, a kind of radioactive material in the universe, people absorbed radiation and got sick immediately. 11 Spinning the pump backward, he took away the radium. 12 This simple movement cured all the victims. 当那座烟花工厂的建设到了油漆阶段时,一个水泵被安装进来,接着,在它四周的油漆工都得了一种严重的疾病(疾病击败油漆工),其特征与烧伤相似。一位履历富厚的内科医生被指定去照顾受害者并卖力处置惩罚这一案例。



他把水泵向后旋转,拿走了内里的镭,这个简朴的行动治愈了所有的受害者。22 Sightseeing in the United Kingdom旅行团结王国 1 After the wedding, my cousin and his wife went to the United Kingdom for nationwide sightseeing. 2 He faxed a letter to me in English yesterday. 3 To my delight, he no longer made any tense error. 4And his description roughly clarified my questions about the UK--its currency, its administration, the institution which divides it into four provinces, and the historical conflicts and quarrels when Southern Ireland broke away from the UK. 5 Unwilling to leave out any attraction, my cousin arranged his enjoyable journey carefully. 6 One attractive place he visited was a castle in the countryside of Scotland, which lies near a port. 7 It used to be the headquarters(请注意:音频内里是headquarter,没有加s,是差池的。

)of the Communism Union but broke down during the war. 8 Finding nothing could take the place of this splendid architecture, people accomplished rebuilding it in 1952. 9 It was to their credit that all furnished rooms are consistent with what they used to be. 10 My cousin was thrilled by its collections consisting of statues plus royal uniforms folded in glass tanks. 11 Though there was no possibility to buy some of these exhibits, it was convenient to take photos, which he sent me along with his fax. 我的表弟和他妻子在举行了婚礼后到团结王国做全国旅游旅行去了。他昨天传真了一封英文信给我,让我兴奋的是,他再也不犯时态错误了,而且他的形貌也大略地向我阐明晰关于英国的一些问题——它的钱币啦,行政治理啦,把它分成四个行政区的制度啦,另有在南爱尔兰脱离团结王国时发生的一些历史上的冲突和争拗。



23 An Air Crash飞机失事 1 I was a previous typist in a post office. 2 Because I couldn’t tolerate typing any more postage bills or postcodes on a typewriter every day, I resigned. 3 With a greedy motivation of making big money, I took up working as a business representative for the G.E Ecology Company, which produced goods by recycling useful materials from our dustbins. 4 My new job left me good impressions in many aspects except that the working timetable was full of traveling by jets. 5 Once, when speeding up, our jet was swallowed by a thunderstorm, which destroyed our GPS receiver and made us lose sight of the directions. 6 A constantly flashing light showed that our jet was in danger. 7 A steward instantly asked us to put on masks and fasten the safety belts, and then pressed a button to switch on the escaping capsule. 8 It slid sideways out of the opening at once and landed in a desert area safely. 9 Lacking food and tablets, we were nervous and uncertain at first. 10 But we all kept optimistic and made good adjustment to the situation. 11 We swept up the surrounding mud to make our settlement and were back on our feet soon. 12 Finally, guided by the smoke of our crashing jet, some local citizens came by carriages and saved us. 我以前是一家邮局的打字员,因为忍受够了天天在打字机上打邮资账单或邮政编码,我辞了职。带着想挣大钱的贪婪念头,我开始给一家叫G.E生态公司的企业当商务代表,这家公司通过接纳我们垃圾箱里的有用质料生产商品。


一盏连续闪亮的灯说明我们的飞机正处在危险中。一名乘务员连忙让我们戴上面罩、系牢宁静带,接着按下一枚按钮 打开逃生仓电源,逃生仓马上侧着滑出出口,宁静降落在一片荒芜的地域。

因为缺少食品和药品,我们一开始都又紧张又心里没底,可是我们都保持乐观,做好调整适应这一新境况。我们扫除洁净周围的土壤,安置下来,很快就恢复过来。最后,在我们坠机烟雾的指引下,一些当地的住民搭乘马车到来,我们都获救了。24 An Amateur Journalist业余记者 1 Jane is a housewife, but delighted to work as an amateur journalist. 2 It is a dilemma for her to rush between family and work, and it is also unusual for the News Department to depend on an amateur to cover crimes. 3 But Jane is really gifted. 4 It is admirable that she is seldom accused of making mistakes. 5 And, eager to become more professional, she concentrates on her job and updates herself now and then. 6 Once she is informed of a new case, her normal working process is as follows: 7first, she makes appointments with guilty people for interviews. 8 So as to acquire accurate stories, she usually demands to record what they say. 9 Meanwhile, a technically good colleague will assist her in taking photographs. 10Second, she assesses whether they are deliberately hiding the truth. 11 If she is skeptical about their words, she will look into the case herself. 12 Third, she writes thorough stories ahead of the deadline and submits it to the senior chief editor, who polishes and approves every section. 13 Finally, her stories will be published in different editions of their magazine. 简是一名家庭主妇,但却很是乐意做一名业余记者。




25 First Aid抢救 1 A boy fell ill. 2 His organs were damaged by the radiation of an infrared ray stove. 3 But before the ambulance arrived, a number of other injuries happened to this unlucky boy over and over again. 4 First, he was choked by some poisonous liquid from the kettle on the cupboard. 5 Then his wrist skin was burnt by electric shock. 6 Finally, his ankle was cut by a pan. 7 Fortunately, the boy’s nurse gave him proper temporary treatments according to his complex symptoms. 8 She mildly squeezed the poisonous liquid out of his throat and put bandages firmly in place to apply pressure to the ankle wound to stop bleeding. 9 As for the burn, she used scissors to remove his sleeve, poured a basin of cold water over the burn to cool it and put her hands on a damp blouse to cover his swollen tissue tightly. 10 She also inspired his bravery to fight against the unbearable pain. 11 Her first aid made a vital difference in saving his life. 12 A ceremony was held to honour the nurse who overcame a variety of barriers to save the boy. (50new) 有个孩子病倒了,他的体内器官被一台红外线烤炉的放射线灼伤了。可是在救护车到来前,这个不幸的孩子身上还一而再、再而三地发生了许多此外伤害。开始是被橱柜上水壶里的有毒液体噎住,然后是手腕的皮肤被电击烧伤,最后,一只平底锅还割伤了他的脚踝。幸运的是,男孩的保姆凭据他的庞大症状给予了适当的暂时治疗。


人们举行了一场仪式来表彰这位克服种种障碍挽救了男孩的小保姆。26 Abstract Art抽象艺术 1 Abstract art used to be controversial. 2 On one hand, the artists stopped painting delicate figures but attempted to adopt special techniques to give people different visual impacts. 3 On the other hand, their works, including sculptures carved out of marble or fragile clay, were all with a specific aim of showing feelings. 4 Some conventional scholars who were allergic to abstract art said it was evidently ridiculous and neither art nor geometry. 5 Their Traditional Art Committee predicted its soon disappearing. 6 But nowadays, abstract art has become part of the permanent possessions of contemporary civilization. 7 Galleries along the Madison Avenue give scores of superb exhibitions on typical abstract works, appealing to many who have a preference for abstract art. 8 The Shadow of Egypt, a café in this district, has become the home to those aggressive abstract artists. 9 Consequently, it is not a coincidence for you to meet one of these artists of great reputation in the flesh. 10 They are asked for signatures and given bunches of fragrant flowers plus they are given a great deal of praise by their faithful fans. (49 new) 抽象艺术曾经颇受争议,一方面,抽象艺术家们不再画精致的画像,而是试图接纳特此外技巧给人们以差别的视觉打击;另一方面,他们的作品,包罗用大理石和易碎的粘土镌刻出来的雕像,都以表达情感为其明确的目的。有些对抽象艺术反感的传统学者说抽象艺术是极其显着地谬妄可笑,说它既不是艺术,又不是几何学,他们的传统艺术委员会还预言了它的迅速消失。可是到了今天,抽象艺术已经成为今世文明永久产业的一部门,麦蒂逊大道的画廊为典型的抽象艺术作品举行了许多精彩的展览,吸引了许多对抽象艺术有偏爱的人。

这区有家叫埃及之影的咖啡馆已经成为那些有进取精神的抽象艺术家们运动的凭据地,所以,亲眼见到一位名声极大的艺术家本人并不是什么巧合的事,他们被忠实的崇敬者索取签名,并被给予成束的芬芳花朵和大量的赞扬。27 A Russian Poem俄国童谣 1 Since childhood, Anton had often recited poems, accompanied by pianists and violinists, at wedding ceremonies before brides and bridegrooms exchanged rings. 2 Gradually, he found writing poems the most appropriate way to convey his joy and sorrow. 3 When his poem Contradictory Blank won him a national championship and a scholarship to the Moscow University from a sponsor, he was just an unknown librarian. 4 After getting his diploma, he devoted his life to writing poems. 5 Using concrete but flexible language and the minimum of words is his style. 6He tried out different patterns and preferred nursery rhyme in particular. 7 The following is a translation of one of his works made up of 3 sections: 8 Little sparrow with heavy load, 9 Ran out of energy and very cold; 10 No compass and all sweat salty,11 Can you go through the endless darkness? 12 Little balloon let out by the thread, 13 Flew over cottages and was very glad; 14 With warmth transformed from sunlight,15 He said he could forever fly; 16 Take it easy, little balloon; 17 Don’t tease the sparrow with his wound; 18 On the bare branch and have a rest; 19 This diamond heart will eventually get success. 从童年时起,安东就经常在钢琴师或小提琴师的伴奏下在婚礼上朗诵诗歌,为新郎新娘交流戒指前的仪式助兴。徐徐地,他发现写诗是表达他的欢喜和伤心的最合适方式。在他还是个寥寂无闻的图书治理员时,他的诗《矛盾的空缺》就获得了全国诗歌创作冠军,并为他赢得一位赞助人提供的奖学金,到莫斯科大学深造。


下面由三部门组成的译文就是他的作品中的一首:小麻雀,负重担, 小气球,脱绳系, 别紧张,小气球筋疲力尽挡风寒, 飞越农舍真兴奋, 别笑麻雀伤口留,汗水成盐无指引, 阳光给予它温暖, 光光的树梢歇片刻, 能否穿越无边暗? 永远高飞不艰苦; 恒(钻石)心终把乐成求。28 Let’s Help Adolescents资助青少年 1 Whether they are male or female, adolescents feel like deciding on everything themselves in spite of parents’ instruction, especially when they face problems like sex, mental stress, etc., which make them feel ashamed and embarrassed. 2 Thus they often automatically get into troubles due to their imperfect comprehension and judgement. 3 Some are addicted to cigarettes, only several packets of which will hurt their lungs and make them breathless quickly. 4 Others can’t quit drinking alcohol, whose harmful effects include causing young pregnant women to abort or give birth to abnormal babies. 5 The worst is drug abuse, for the withdrawal is tough once their bodies are accustomed to the drugs. 6 Meanwhile, those who share needles bought from illegal chemists are at great risk of being infected with desperate AIDS. 7 If so, neither injecting nor taking pills can guarantee their survival. 8 However, don’t be disappointed at or have prejudice against our children so easily. 9 After all, being awkward is an appendix of youth. 10 As long as we strengthen communication with them instead of only banning this or banning that, we will surely help them avoid anything unfit. 岂论男女,青少年们都喜欢掉臂家长的指导,自己对一切作决议,特别是当他们面临如性、心理压力等等一些使他们以为羞愧和尴尬的问题时更是如此。因此,由于他们明白力和判断力的不足,他们经常会无意识地陷入逆境中。


只要我们增强和他们的相同,而不是仅仅克制这样,禁绝那样,我们一定能资助他们避开不康健的工具。29 Refresh Our Environment恢复情况生机 1 As the director stated on behalf of his researching group, the data of this graph makes a clear presentation of the future environmental tendency. 2 On one hand, the quantity of fuel keeps on decreasing by 9% per year while the growth of a wide range of pollution has been a global trend. 3 On the other hand, the mildly but steadily going up of the average temperature is resulting in catastrophes like widespread floods. 4 Without disagreement, they subscribe to the view that it is humans’ existence and their randomly consuming energy that result in this phenomenon. 5 Many people have a commitment that developing nuclear power or energy from outer space will stop bad consequences coming about. 6 However, scientists and educators are opposed to this view even if our needs may be met on the whole. 7 They tend to advocate refreshing our circumstances by saving energy and recycling waste. 8 It is suggested that we use energy-saving appliances such as electrical motors, microwaves and so on and not be casual about little things like recycling a can. 9 So please glance around and see what you can do. 10 So long as everybody makes contribution, we will not have to put up with this problem anymore.正如那位主任代表他的研究小组所说明的那样,这张图表的数据清楚地形貌了未来情况的趋势:一方面,燃料的数量以每年9%的速度连续淘汰,同时,大规模污染的增长已经成为一种全球趋势;另一反面,平均气温轻微却稳定地升高正在造成像广泛的洪涝那样的灾难。


因此,看看你身边是否有你能做的事,只要每小我私家都作出孝敬,我们就不必再忍受这个问题的困扰了。30 A Volcano Eruption火山发作 1 As the best candidate, I was appointed to collect and evaluate information for a database about diverse natural disasters, such as hurricanes, typhoons or thunderstorms. 2 Sometimes I did this by giving out questionnaires to those who went through them. 3 But sometimes I had to go through actual disasters myself. 4 The Musaki Volcano was one of them. 5 At that time, I lived in a bungalow alongside the volcano with a novelist, who came for the appreciation of its eruption. 6 One day, when I was drawing diagrams on the balcony and he was bathing inside, the volcano erupted unexpectedly. 7 The ash and lava fountains shooting highly in the sky varied from 50 to 100 meters in height. 8 It was absolutely fantastic! 9 I even noticed a rainbow appear in the fog caused by a heat wave. 10 But, glancing through our surroundings, I foresaw the potential danger and found no guarantee of our safety. 11 The uncomfortable gas almost made us unconscious. 12 Sweats of anxiety began to drop. 13 Managing to stop panicking and trembling, we quickly put on our protective suits, helmets and boots and eventually made our way to a safe place. 14 How lucky we were even though my precious equipment and documents were all burnt to the ground! 作为最好的候选人,我被委派为一个数据库收集和评估种种自然灾害的信息,例如飓风、台风或雷暴等。



我们努力使自己不要惊慌和哆嗦,迅速穿上掩护套装、头盔和靴子,最后乐成前往宁静的地方。只管我珍贵的设备和文件都烧得精光,可是我们真的很是幸运。31 Defeat Disability战胜残疾 1 Yang’s ambition was to get an architect certificate or become a bowling master. 2 But when he was conducting experiments with a microscope in the basement, a tank on the bench exploded, sending him flying outwards through the exit. 3 He was out of breath while knowing he lost his eyesight as well as 70% of his hearing. In other words, he was disabled. 4 Feeling clumsy, he was annoyed at first though nobody made fun of him. 5 He cut out going outdoors and just sat around at home talking to his parrot or tortoise silently. 6 His sister resigned to help him in many ways. 7 Her assistance and encouragement were so beneficial to his psychology that he adapted to his disability soon and became outgoing again. 8 In a college accessible to him, he studied politics and literature. 9 He always sat in the front row near the entry without any absence and, with the help of his handy laptop, he studied well by means of dictation. 10 His thesis Abolishing Slavery met with all professors’ approval. 11 After class, he and his companions often played drum music, which was noisy but suitable for his hearing. 12 After graduation, he made high profits by designing software for a firm. 13 All in all, in his community, he won his dignity and people’s congratulations. 14 He always wished all the best to his disabled fellows and encouraged them, “Never mind! All you have is adequate to get your achievement.” 阳的雄心是,要么获得一张修建师证书,要么成为一名保龄球妙手。可是在地下室里的显微镜下举行试验时,放在长凳上的一只大桶突然爆炸,把他从出口处炸飞了出去。





总之,在他的社区里,他赢得了自己的尊严和人们的祝贺。他一直都把所有最好祝愿给予他残疾的同伴,并勉励他们:“没关系,你拥有的一切一定足够你取得自己的成就!” 32 Happy Marriage Needs Fighting For幸福的婚姻需要争取 1 As a talented navy officer, he was bound to be busy. 2 When his wife rang him up to declare her divorce alarm, he was still scanning a digital counter to check the data so as to give an assessment of the theoretical framework for a biochemical weapon. 3 His junior staff’s sympathy made him feel embarrassed. 4 His wife was a part-time clerk. With his high bonus, she lived in a grand house with elegant cushions and bedding. 5 Her favour was reading stars’ biographies or absurd fictions with endless chapters in her armchair. 6 People envied her leisure life very much. 7 But in fact, she was tired of being left alone. 8 She sent emails to his mailbox every week to state her thinking and ask for his accompaniment(课本写的是accompanyment是错误的), but never received reply of satisfaction. 9 Tired of his explanation that he must obey the orders, she filed for divorce. 10 Because he desired to get their holy affection back, he set other affairs aside. 11 He trimmed his fingernails short and changed his overweight figure as well as his awful haircut. 12 He wore an apron to prepare delicious cuisine for her. 13 He also bought her a necklace and piles of flowers hoping that their receiver could turn around. 14 After being tested out for 3 months in all, he eventually succeeded. (55 new) 作为一名才气出众的水师军官,他注定是要忙碌的。当他的妻子打来电话宣布和他仳离的警告时,他还在检察一台数码计数器核对数据,以对一种生物化学武器的理论框架做出评估。他的下级职员体现出的同情使他很尴尬。




33 Mark and a Seal马克和海豹 1 Mark rented an accommodation with his pension near the shore. 2 He paid annual visits there to enjoy the vivid beauty in the depths of the pure sea. 3 Once, with his underwater telescope and flashlight, Mark dived along the boundary between the steep reef and the area of seaweed conservation. 4 Suddenly, an awesome Antarctic seal with sharp teeth appeared opposite him. 5 Every cell in his body was scared to death. 6 But soon, he was aware that he wasn’t the target of an attack. 7 With a neat wound in its lip caused by a shark, this grey seal was washed upside down by the tides time after time. 8 But it tried to jog Mark as if to urge him to help it. 9 So Mark abandoned fleeing away. 10 With its teamwork, Mark used a net to drag the seal to the shallow water. 11 Without pausing he helped it out after a simple operation and settled it in a narrow cave by the seaside. 12 Every time he brought it tasty fish, it would yell and suck his hands happily. 13 Witnesses said their anecdotes reflected a magic dimension of the relationship between humans and animals. (49new) 马克用他的退休金在海岸边租了一间住所,每年都去那儿浏览纯净的大海深处那生动的漂亮。有一次,马克带着他的水下望远镜和手电筒,潜到陡峭的暗礁和海草掩护区间的分界线。突然,一只长着尖锐牙齿、使人畏惧的南极海豹泛起在他劈面。




34 Helping the Remote Village援助山村 1 A year ago, the famous astronaut received an invitation by airmail from a remote village. 2 Intending to sniff some fresh air, he and his interpreter paid a fortnight visit there. 3 It was a privilege for them to be there, but they were shocked by what they saw. 4 The tracks were muddy. 5 The river was drying up. 6 Most villagers only possessed one broom, a few tins and several jars and their rectangular grass huts with round angles were surrounded by weeds. 7 Besides, their school had no roof and platform, and the students had no concept of clicking a computer at all. 8 They were badly in need.9 Soon, the astronaut made a generous voluntary donation to the village. 10 There were textbooks for students, sewing machines for tailors and tractors for farmers. 11 His distribution catalogue also included operating a clinic and a trunk library, as well as giving weekly lessons to teach relevant farming knowledge like how to dry out seeds or raise oxen. 12 He himself not only helped do some paperwork but also purchased grills for boys to toast potatoes and combs for girls who were dying to get one. 13 The other day, he heard from the villagers again inviting him to participate in the donation anniversary. 14 For political and security reasons, he couldn’t adjust his outgoing arrangement-otherwise he would go. 15 But his deeds were remembered forever. (51new) 一年前,那位著名的宇航员收到一份由一个偏远乡村通过航空邮件寄来的邀请。因为想要呼吸一下新鲜空气,他和翻译到那儿做了一次两周的会见。当地之行使他们倍感荣幸,但却震惊于所见所闻。




出于政治和宁静原因,他无法调整外出时间摆设,否则他就会去了。不外他所做的一切村民们都永远记得。35 Study in America留学美国 1 Nannan’s father runs an enterprise near the Ming Tombs selling batteries and drills to the Daqing Oilfield. 2 Hoping to get the qualification to help govern it, Nannan made much preparation and then left her motherland with her visa to study in America. 3 Having reached her destination, she settled in an inn recommended by the travel agent. 4 As far as Nannan was concerned, she always kept it up in China. 5 But she had to acknowledge it was not easy to adjust herself to the new academic requirements, which were not parallel with China’s. 6 Though she was occupied with lectures and seminars day in and day out, the essays she drafted were still contradicted by her tutors. 7 As for her routine life, she felt that it was hard to fit in, too. 8 For example, she found English idioms difficult to understand. 9 And it was out of the question to eat delicious Chinese foods though many optional cafeterias served abundant substitutes. 10 In addition, she had to wait in a queue early for the minibus that took her to school and it was usually so cold that she felt numb. 11 What bothered her most was that she received no apology when her sleeping was disturbed by a barking dog in a shopkeeper’s cage. 12 Luckily, with her parents comforting her by videophone, she became autonomous soon and eventually got her bachelor’s degree successfully. 楠楠的父亲在明陵四周谋划一家企业,销售电池和钻机到大庆油田。抱着获得相应资格资助治理的希望,楠楠做了大量准备,然后带着签证脱离祖国去美国留学。






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